Saturday, June 24, 2006

There is a tilt-a-whirl in my front yard!

Ok, so it's across the street. But still. When was the last time you could hear the screams of adolescents from your apartment?

Don't answer that.

The tilt-o-whirl and other well lit rides at the local fair. Picture taken this evening from my front yard.

Today was a long day. It started out in Manchester, NH with my niece and my mother. We left Manchester at 8:30am for the two hour drive to Story Land. We got there and proceded to go on every ride in the park. Luckily, it never rained after we got off the highway. I say luckily because for some reason the weather this spring/summer thinks this area is Seattle or the wet part of Texas or something. It's rained everyday since April. And we've been recently getting huge thunderstorms. Very cool, but very inconvenient. So anyway, it didn't rain on our Story Land trip so we were happy. And it stayed nice and cool. It was perfect.

We didn't leave until they made the first announcement that they were going to be closing the park. By the time we got a few more rides in and finally left it was 5:30pm. And we had to drive another two hours back to Manchester. My niece conked out promptly after we left the parking lot. We stopped at McDonald's to make sure my niece didn't sleep too much before bed and didn't eat too late. We didn't get to Manchester until 8:30pm. And then I had to drive the hour and 20 minutes back to my house.

Where I encountered the tilt-a-whirl.

While I was gone the Carnies apparently took over the field across the street and set-up an entire fair complete with fried dough, those long slides you slide down on burlap, and country music.

And then fireworks! I got home just in time to see these. Pretty cool huh? I took this while standing in my front yard. Standing in my FRONT YARD. If it wasn't for the darn tree I could have watched them from my living room. Or heck, from a comfortable perch on the commode. That's convenience.


Josh Shear said...

fireworks from the apartment are definitely the best. my kitchen window looks west – upon the setting sun and alliance bank stadium, where, if the skychiefs are at home, there are fireworks on friday nights after the game. sunset and fireworks, all while i'm doing the dishes (or pretending to still do them, so that i have an excuse to be at my kitchen windowl).

npapaya said...

I may have watched too many dateline specials recently, but i feel the need to share a word of caution about revealing information about your home location. Clearly you're no 12 yr old (i hope) conversing with a lusty and pervy 55 yr old, but paranoia is in overdrive (thanks NBC) and i pass the joy of this on to you only b/c i love the sassy pants and want her to be safe.