Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Way back in the blistery month of January my friend N photocopied my 2006 year long horoscope out of Marie Claire and gave it to me. I found it again while cleaning out my old office. Of all the horoscopes I've ever read, this one is the most true. Or at least it has translated itself the best to my actual life.

A few highlights:

LEO - Your life in the next 12 months: You're in a magnificent cycle that will last another year-and-a-half ... in which Saturn will lead you closer and closer to stability - emotional and financial. [So far so good - I did find a boyfriend and managed to pay off my credit cards.] This year's transitions will involve putting down new roots. [Does not having to move to follow a (ex)spouse to their next career step count? I think it does.] A major career or lifestyle change is in store, if you take some chances... [Today is day two of my new job. Check.]

Your love life: As a Leo your heart overflows with love, and you seek outlets for your generosity because you thrive on feeling needed [A truer statement there is not.] A cosmic force will pull you toward a lover who intuitively understands your needs [You hear that Friendster Guy? You intuiting my needs out there? More and more every day.] ...If you're single you will meet a lover in an atypical way [Friendster anyone?]. At first you may not feel an attraction, but be patient. [FG and I were just discussing my early issues regarding lack of chemistry the other day] This year will also be about letting go of old fantasies and tumultuous feelings so you can heal. [Check!]

Not that I place any stock in hope-oscopes mind you. But sometimes it's nice when even something silly jives with how you think you're life is going. Or maybe guides you in a direction you should go - like financial stability, or healing.


Dr.Nik said...

I prefer to call them "HOrror-scopes" ;)

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