Friday, July 21, 2006

Sexy is in the eye of the beholder

What I am about to tell you make shock and horrify you but let me just say, let he or she who is without fashion sin cast the first stone(washed jeans).

There was something that occured while on vacation that to many people - much shallower than I - would have potentially been a deal breaker. For me however, it just endeared Friendster Guy to me even more. That incident folks, was the wearing of a fanny pack.

Now that you've gasped and cringed I have a confession to make. I too have been known to wear a fanny pack. And, I have been chastized vehemently for it. Mostly by my sister- that paragon of fashion and, well, bitchiness. But you know what? Sometimes you don't want to carry a friggin' purse and sometimes your pockets are just not quite big enough for all you need to carry. I am not advocating the fanny pack in all situations but in cases such as the beach or an amusement park I think they are AOK. Fuggly. Yes. But practical.

I've always been more on the practical side of fashion anyway. I lost my way slightly in the eighties when I had hammer pants. Except now that I think of it, this particular pair had even more extra fabric that could either be tucked in and made into pockets, or pulled out and buttoned in the front for some kind of fashion statement I will forever look back on in horror. So despite the impracticality of hammer pants, I somehow managed to get a pair that not only transformed but had pockets. Go me. Shudder...

Anyway, all of a sudden on vacation I see Friendster Guy packing up a fanny pack and I am just simply overcome with smittenness. I just wanted to give him a big old hug and kiss. Not only is he practical but he'd be on my side in a fashion fight with my sister! Unlike my X who probably joined in the "pick on Sassy Pants about her fanny pack" fray and then proceded to ask me to carry the camera and his sunglasses. Bah!

Practical and sexy. That's my Friendster Guy.


Dr.Nik said...

I used to use a Fanny Pack, made my UNCLE MIKE(tm). It had a secret pouch that I kept a small 9mm in. But that was when I used to carry.

Now I use a crappy ass 1994 CD player as a purse, and -A- hates it :)

Shell said...

Hee hee. Hammer pants.

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