Monday, July 31, 2006

Thin doesn't feel as good as eating with Jerry Seinfeld

I was directed to this woman's blog via Shell's post about a "kerfuffle" (I'm totally stealing this word from Shell over at Words, Words, Words because it's fun to say. Like "akimbo" in my last post. Feel free to use both in a sentence sometime soon. "There was a kerfuffle over me falling off the stage while naked with private parts all akimbo." Fun stuff I tell ya, but I digress... hell, that's blogging status quo.) Anywho, the kerfuffle was about some topless pics of her on Flickr. And *gasp* she's a professor. You can read more about it over at Shell's place.

What I'd like to point you to is a previous post of Dr. Diana's about dieting and body image. I'd really like to adopt her philosophy. I find it sound and sane. And she has a good point about Oprah and her behavior. Suffice it to say, I would never turn down a dinner invitation with anyone, especially if the only reason was because I'm not allowed to eat after a certain time. I may have issues if you scheduled it too close to my bed time but definitely not because it's past 7:30pm. Good lord woman. She does a lot of good things for the world but she's obsessed with the weight thing.


DecemberFlower said...

That is a good post. Hopefully, someday I'll get there, too.

Shell said...

Isn't her blog great? I hope I'm that secure in my self someday.

DecemberFlower said...

I spent a large part of last night reading back entries on that blog. It's one of my new favorites.