Monday, August 21, 2006

Autumnal August

Don't get me wrong, I love Fall. It's one of my four favorite seasons.

But falling leaves, geese, and coats in the middle of August?


Yes, yes, I will grant you that I live in NH, but isn't global warming good for something?

Looking on the bright side though, it's perfect snuggling weather.

Ok then, Mother Nature, bring it on.

It's just, can you hold off on the snow just a little?


DecemberFlower said...

I wouldn't mind cooler weather, actually. It would make it feel more like time to go back to school.

It'd also make walking to class more comfortable.

NinjaMama said...

Don't lose faith. We still have Indian Summer to get through. Mark my words, you will see high temps again before the snow flies. Of course they will be in the middle of the week while we are working, the kids are in school and there are no vacations days in sight. Then it will rain the following weekend and temperatures will plummet and there will be a rush on parkas and snow tires. Have faith!