Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bienvenido a New Orleans Ernesto, and thanks for the ratings boost.

I can't say I've missed watching the news since I got rid of TV because, if the dribble I caught tonight while at Friendster Guy's this evening counted as news, well then, I'm not missing anything.

Can I just say that the news folks are absolutely DROOLING over the fact that a hurricane may hit New Orleans on the one year anniversary of Katrina. For the next week every "news" show will be having some kind of tribute/expose/broohaha over Katrina and the aftermath with only slightly hidden glee that they can also talk about the impending doom descending on the city. They couldn't have planned it better themselves.

Tonight's commentary included their absolute shock, SHOCK I tell you!, that the levees *gasp* may still not be strong enough to withold the brunt of a powerful enough storm.

Well fucking duh! It's piles of dirt and a little engineering against an entire ocean and the worst that mother nature has to offer. I'm not saying they should abandon it because, really, humans are stubborn sons of bitches and if they want to ride it out and live with the results, so be it. But newscasters, don't treat us like we're idiots. None of us are at all shocked that things aren't back to normal. We're not surprised our Army Corps of Engineers needs more time (they also probably need more people but they're all over in Iraq fixing the infrastructure that we bombed to shit out of). Don't feign surprise that people are scrappy and pick themselves up by the bootstraps only to be smacked down again by Ernesto. It's just annoying. Shut your pie holes or tell me what the hell is going on in the rest of the world. Without the editorializing.

P.S. Apparently, I'm in a mood.

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