Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bribing myself

I'm totally paying myself $5 today despite not going to the gym (see last post for clarification).


1) I went up and down my apartments stairs 8 times, and up and down my basement stairs 5 times. I counted. That's almost as good as 30 minutes in the stairmill. Ok not really. However...
2) The $5 reward was the only thing keeping me going while I purged boxes, or brought bags of purged items to my car (hence the number of stairs), or took pictures of things I want to sell on eBay. I really needed something to keep me going let me tell you. I almost quit a bunch of times. I still have too much stuff but I'm getting there. I put my twin bed up on a local trader. And I plan to do the same with a CD rack I have now that I have pictures. Oh! And I got rid of a box of old financial papers. I'm bringing paystubs and things with my SS# on it into work tomorrow to shred. Whoo!

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