Monday, August 28, 2006

I have a plan

Of course I have a plan. I always have a plan. Do I always follow through on my plans? No. However, I find it handy to have one, even if it doesn't last too long.

I've been thinking about ways to rein in my extraneous spending - such as $3 on mocha lattes, or $6-10 bucks on a quick lunch downtown. I thought I should give myself a budget, say, $20-25 a week. If I hit Saturday with money left over it should go in a can or jar or bank and be set aside for the other extraneous things I want but don't need. Like clothes. But if I spend all my money by Tuesday, tough luck chica. No mocha lattes for you!

Knowing me, if cash I have in hand, I am less likely to spend it. Debit cards are bad because I can't see how fast the money is going away, and I don't track my little incidental expenditures. Actually, I do track them in Quicken but I don't really see them for what they are - a whole lot of little expenses that add up to a bigger than necessary number.

Then I was thinking I need to get my tushy back to the gym more often. And I had an epiphany! An epiphany which I will later hate myself for but an epiphany nonetheless. My epiphany is this: Why don't I earn that $20-25 by giving myself $5 everytime I go to the gym or do something strenuous outside - like hiking? That way, the more I go to the gym, the more money I'll have.

This plan is good for three reasons:
1) It will curb my spending.
2) It will get me to the gym.
3) It will curb my eating therefore all my hard work at the gym will actually pay off.

So there you have it, my plan. I've already earned $5 this week. And I didn't buy a latte today despite going to the Barnes and Noble at lunch. Go me!

Question: Is it prostitution if I earn the money know?

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H said...

Pay,Pay,Pay yourself girlfriend
i say go for it,I mean " know" is a strenuous activity. and if said strenuous activity takes place outside i say pay double