Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I love being 30!

You know why?

Because it saves me money.

My Geico bill dropped by $25/month - that's $300 a year!

Then, my employer brought their contribution to my retirement account up from 3% to 5%. That's a 2% raise without even really earning it. All I did was get older. And I have no control over that whatsoever. Who knew?

I also think I am getting smarter now that I'm 30. Or at least I'm finally getting around to the things I should have been doing - like electronic bill pay through my bank. It's free. It's easy. It saves me on stamps and considering that I'm still catching up my 37 cent supply with the 39 cent demand and usually putting 3 stamps on one envelope to make up the difference, that's also a time saver. I just paid my first bill electronically just a moment ago. It's surprisingly freeing.

Now if only I'd already changed my name and address on my license, updated my passport, and got my car inspected I'd be all set with the grown-up stuff.


DecemberFlower said...

I LOVE electronic bill pay.

NinjaMama said...

Baby steps.