Sunday, August 13, 2006

Nary a sign of Vinnie Delpino or Wanda

Guess who I saw while I was in Williamstown this weekend!

Doctor Doogie Houser himself, Neil Patrick Harris. In the first play he was seated 5 rows behind me. In the second he was only two seats almost directly behind me. So close that I could hear his conversation. I think he was being bothered by some old lady he didn't really know. He seemed very polite though. I'm guessing he was there to see his friend and co-actor David Burtka who was in an episode of How I Met your Mother and was performing in the new musical The Opposite of Sex (based on the movie of the same name).

And guess who else! Faye Freakin' Dunaway. She walked right by my Mom and I wearing a big floppy hat and showing signs of a few too many times under the knife.

I love Williamstown.

Aside: Doogie Houser was kind of like the original blogger, wasn't he? He typed his journal on what we would now call the blue screen of death and even though he wasn't sharing it on the world wide web, he was sharing it with us in TV land. Very bloggerlike. Ahead of his time that Doogie. Stupid name, but quite brilliant despite that.

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