Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Too close for comfort

And in the category of "Can my life get any freaking weirder?" we have the following:

My X - Does Friendster Guy live in Maple Grove condos?

Me - Yes, why?

X - I saw your car there.

Me - Oh, you must have been visiting R's [a friend of both of ours from college who recently moved up here] friend, D. R mentioned D lived in Maple Grove.

X - Uh. Not D. was one of R's friends, but a girl.

Me - Oh!

So pretty much there may be a morning where I leave FG's place, look down the parking lot a little way, and see my X doing the same walk of shame that I am. Great.

*Sassy pants shakes her head*

That is what we in these here parts call an Upper Valley moment. You'll recognize it if you live in small town America.

It's kind of like the time my step-mother, with her then first husband, looked at my childhood home when my parents (the original configuration) were selling it because they were getting a divorce. Good times. Or when my father and my step-father shared a Uhaul when they moved to Boston from northern NH for college. It makes you realize why the government required a pre-marital blood test - you have to make darn tootin' sure you're not related somehow.

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Anonymous said...

lol - funny - familiar story - i grew up in smallllll town NH - two days after my first one night stand 'adventure' i moved to a new apartment and low and behold ended up living right next door to the one night stand dude... it was seriously uncomfortable when his previously un-disclosed girlfriend brought over 'welcome to the house cookies'