Tuesday, September 26, 2006

When did the morality police replace doctors?

If a strong-willed, well-informed, capable woman can't get access to Emergency Contraception (EC), who can? (Read and be ready to be indignant.)

I'm pretty sure the hippocratic oath* starts with "First, do no harm." As harmful things that happen to a female body go, pregnancy is right up there. Doctors who have criteria for EC should be summarily fired, have their license taken away, and be reprimanded publicly. If I had a moral problem with part of my job I'd either be forced to take a new one, or suck it up. Suck it up! It's not your life you're fucking with. And who I am fucking with is also none of your business.

If the crazy abortion people were smart, they'd start killing** the doctors who won't provide EC because if women (your mothers, sisters, daughters, selves) have easy access to EC they don't get abortions. Duh! No one actually wants an abortion, they just don't want to be pregnant.

Well, that's a way to get my blood boiling first thing in the morning.

* Fuck. The text of the Hippocratic oath says, "Nor will I give a woman a pessary to procure abortion." Who the hell follows oaths nowadays anyway? Plus, EC isn't abortion. It's a stopgap before conception. IF you can get it soon enough.

** I am not advocating the killing of anyone. I'm just saying, logically, there are alternatives to bombing abortion clinics. Granted, logic is not really involved in such acts but whatever.

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DecemberFlower said...

The way I understand it, the part about abortion is not included in the Hippocratic Oath anymore. I could be wrong, though. It's just what I picked up the last time I looked into the Hippocratic Oath when I was outraged about doctors and pharmacists not doing their damn jobs.