Friday, October 20, 2006

Another reason I'm glad I don't have TV

A case of misguided patriotism or an advertising agency run amok? A friend forwarded this article to me from Slate. It about Chevy's ad that uses footage of historical and recent events, John Mellencamp, and a patriotic themed song to sell trucks. That all sounds ok on paper (and admittedly I haven't seen the ad because I can't update my Flashplayer on my work computer) but from this article it seems highly misguided. I mean, footage of Dale Earnhardt, Nixon, 9/11 and Katrina to sell a truck? Why not a klan rally, Jeffrey Dahmer, the Tsunami, and Afghanistan to sell ice cream? C'mon Ben & Jerry's. I'm seeing a whole new ad campaign here.

Here's what I think Chevy is trying to say: We're tough idealists but sometimes we F'up and if you buy a truck everything will be better.

If you don't think a Chevy can overcome death, destruction, hopelessness, fear, and shame, well then, maybe you should buy a Toyota. Hell, we bombed the shit out of them in WWII and look at the Japanese now - kicking our asses in all sorts of ways. Hmmm...maybe a Toyota really would be better.

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