Wednesday, October 25, 2006



You know how in the last post I said my car loan had been lowered? I was wrong. (Apparently Sassy Pants likes to make assumptions. But on a positive note, they are always glass half full type assumptions. I never assume the worse. Maybe I should start.) For several years I had been paying from a pre-printed booklet so every payment was the same whether I paid more the month before or not. However, for whatever reason the loan company recently switched from the booklet to a monthly bill. What I thought was a lowering of the payment was really a reflection of the extra I'd paid the month before. So now I have to recheck my finances and make sure I can pay the rent, car, utilities, life AND student loan bills, while also attempting to save some money. ha ha ha ha, lol, rotfl, hysterical giggles, etc...

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