Wednesday, October 18, 2006

From a funny forward to a tragedy all in the span of two emails...

My sister - of whom you've heard me rant and rave - is married to a police officer. He was on the scene when a fellow officer in Manchester, NH was shot and killed. "On the scene" as in feet away and if he had been the first person to get to the suspect's car it could/would have been him. I received the following from my sister via email:

Most of you know that a police officer P was working with was shot and killed early Monday morning. It has effected us and the whole city very deeply and we are looking for ways to help the family of Officer Briggs. There has been a fund set up to help the family through this time. It would be appreciated by not only the Briggs family but also P and I personally, if you could send a donation. Even a small amount makes a big difference. So often these instances seem so distant and irrelevant to our lives, this however is not. Although we are grieving the loss of a fellow police officer and friend, we could very well have been grieving a member of our OWN family as P was only feet away when all of this occurred. Thank you ...H and P

The MPPA Officer Briggs Family Benefit Fund

c/o Members First Credit Union

PO Box 896

Manchester, N.H. 03105

I don't know how many of my readers are local and have heard about this story but if you are and you have wondered if there is anything you can do, here is one option.

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