Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The horror...

I just found and plucked the first white hair out of my head. I'm not quite sure whether I should embrace this milestone or start crying. I definitely cringed when I finally tracked down the bugger (it started out looking like just a really shiny hair). I removed it so I could examine it under better light and lo and behold my fear was realized. Crap.

I'm not entirely devastated. After all, Friendster Guy has a head full of prematurely salt and pepper hair and I think it's distinguished and unique, not to mention kind of sexy. It suits him. But he's a guy and there are different connotations that go along with white hair for men than for women. I'm not yet prepared for what those connotations are.

Sigh...I was hoping to be one of those women who had a full head of dark hair for an unnaturally long time. But no. I'm collecting the paraphenalia of age more rapidly now. First it was spider veins, now white hair. Bring on the cellulite, jowls (disappearing necks run on both sides of my family - yippee!) and hot flashes.

On the plus side, white hairs tend to be thicker and I could sure use some thickness. I won't be plucking any more I find because I need all the hair I can get. I don't want to add baldness to my collection. And maybe I'll get that skunk stripe some women get. I think that's a really cool look. If you gotta go white, why not do it with flare and pizazz?


Shell said...

Ah, well. You lasted a good while. I started going grey in my early twenties. I thought it looked kind of cool for awhile, but by the time I was pushing thirty I just looked...forty. So now I dye that shit.

Justin M said...

Dye indeed! That's my motto! Actually, that's my secret! Been doing the dye thing for about 3 years now! Otherwise I get my nice salt/pepper started also!

Sassy Pants said...

I've already been dying my hair since sophomore year in college, generally for the extra body I get out it. Recently I stopped, mostly because I'm cheap and lazy. Since my hair is so short, it didn't take long for all the parts with dye on them to grow out. That little white bugger could have been there for years. I'm sure he has friends just waiting to be discovered.

NinjaMama said...

Just remember, grey hair is just hair without pigment.
It says nothing about who you are.

and you are SASSY!