Thursday, October 26, 2006

X stands for Xpress

I was chatting with my X today (we were swapping car keys so I could borrow his truck to do some moving) and it turns out that his girlfriend - have I even mentioned that he has a girlfriend? It's so new I don't think I have. Anyway, he and his girlfriend are planning on moving in together. I'm pretty sure they met in August, maybe July. Maybe. And when she moves to Burlington, VT in May he intends to follow her - despite being in the process of looking for a tenure track faculty position and there currently being none in his field in that fair city .

All that being said, I would like to use this information to illustrate how much I have grown as a person and how much things have changed of late. As he was telling me all this I felt not one twinge of jealousy, annoyance, animosity or anything. In fact, all I felt was happy for him. I imagine that if I were not in a fabulous relationship myself I'd probably feel somewhat differently. But I AM in a fabulous relationship so I can react from there. And that's a good place to react from.

I'm not necessarily placing bets on everything working out long term but still, best of luck to the happy couple.

The added benefit in all this is that his connection to my family is weakening. My sister was recently doing what she does best, which is bitching, but it was about X and how he hasn't been returning emails or phone calls. Finally the bitch session wasn't about me! I can't imagine that X's new lady friend is exactly enamored with the closeness of the ex-in-laws. Even better, Burlington is another hour and a half away from all my family so I'm making great strides toward getting my family back and also being able to introduce Friendster Guy into the mix more completely. I don't know if FG is quite ready for that but at least the chair next to mine at the proverbial table is open and ready for occupation.

Thank you X's girlfriend. Keep up the good work.

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