Tuesday, October 24, 2006

You can run, but you can't hide.

Sallie Mae* has found me.

Apparently, my assumption that I didn't have to pay off my student loans until I was done my thesis was wrong. And you know what that means. Yup, I'm an ass. An ass who now has a new $250 bill every month. Yeeha! Luckily, my car loan company decided that they didn't like that I was paying extra on my loan every month so they decided to extend my loan and lower my payments (without telling me first). Normally this would annoy me but since the difference will now partially cover my student loan payment and therefore allow me to continue living as I have been, instead of destitute and on the streets, I'm more forgiving. Especially with winter coming and all.

* student loan collector extraordinaire. Otherwise known as "that bitch" by my sister because her first student loan payment was due on Christmas.

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tjdygon said...

I think if you go online you can change your coupons. I noticed that when I started doing online billing with my car loan. Also. I was paying extra on my car every month and then the loan would get lowered a little bit. Then it owuld increase to the regular amount. Keep paying what the payment it! They lower it becasue they want the interest!!! and they want the want you to keep paying the full time on it. If you pay a little extra on it- even when it's gone down you will have saved yourself probably a year or so on payments and interest!