Friday, November 24, 2006

Cinco Chascos de mi Juventud

Inspired by Old Blue Socks - Here are 5 of my childhood disappointments. (Not exactly the best of subjects given that I'm supposed to be thinking about things I'm grateful for but whatever.)

1) "I was disappointed that nobody ever saw Mr. Snuffalupagus." I'm totally stealing this from Old Blue Socks because it is exactly right, I even watched the episode as a grown-up when they finally saw him.

2) I was disappointed in the Christmas where I got the same exact things my sister did only in a different color. This wouldn't have been so bad if my family's tradition wasn't to open presents in order of age with youngest going first. By the time they got to me, the eldest, I had already determined which item was the umbrella, belt, doll, earrings and pajamas. Not to mention that no one was paying attention to me anymore because I was 12 and my brother was 4 and therefore was 1) cuter and 2) demanded more attention.

3) I was terribly, terribly sad when they took Wizards and Warriors off the air. It was only on for 8 episodes but according to my mother I cried and cried as if my favorite pet had just died (although #4 below will explain why that isn't really the best anology). Apparently I have been a lover of scifi/fantasy since I was 7.

4) I was disappointed that my cat, Alex, was an evil creature and not a snuggly loveable creature I could have sit on my lap.

5) I was disappointed that after my 86th straight-A report card my parents stopped being excited and instead would jokingly/sarcastically say things like, "Here comes another one." or "Couldn't you have done better?"

All in all I don't have a lot I'm disappointed about. It was quite difficult just coming up with this list of 5 actually. I think I could come up with more from my adult life but I will refrain.


Anonymous said...

Yeah... don't get me started on an adult list. I think I got more than 5 today alone!

DecemberFlower said...

Oh, number 5. I know that one, but I don't even think it took 86, or any other reasonably large number of report cards, for them to get there. ):