Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Cream cheese is the new platinum

"That'll be $1.89"

Sassy Pants hands over the money and waits for her bagel.

Sassy Pants thinks for a second and says, in her head of course because if she did this out loud people would think she was crazy, "Wait a second. That's a lot for a bagel with cream cheese!"

Sassy Pants scans the unreadable chalkboard menu trying to find prices. Finds "Bagels - 62 cents" and thinks, "Oh, they must have accidentally charged me for the breakfast sandwich at $1.75."

But no, continuing to scan the menu that is full of beautiful artistry with multicolored chalk but absolutely chaos when it comes to actually knowing what can be ordered and at what price, Sassy Pants discovers that a bagel with cream cheese is $1.75.

How the heck much cream cheese must they be putting on a bagel to warrant a $1.13 price difference between a bagel with and without cream cheese? Even with a labor charge that's insane. I'd estimate it takes about 30 seconds to slice, toast and smear a bagel (not including toasting time while they can be helping other customers). Even mechanics don't charge $1/half minute.

Serves me right for not having any groceries in the house.

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