Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I may be engaged

Now that I have your attention...

While I was continuing the never ending packing I've been doing since I moved last weekend, Friendster Guy hollered at me from the living room, "You wanna get married?" If I hadn't known the context I would have been one shocked woman. For one, I would hope he had a little more of a romantic streak. For another, this is a man who has yet to say the L word. A marriage proposal was not something I was prepared for. And, in reality, it wasn't something he was legitimately offering. You see, he spent at least a half an hour on You Tube watching a series of these videos called "Will It Blend?". He was just hoping we could register for one of the $400 industrial strength blenders. Actually, he was hoping we could register for 2 - his and hers if you will.

I didn't say yes.

But it does make me wonder what other cool stuff we could get.

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