Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'll take Too Close For Comfort for 1000, Alex

As my long term readers know, I have some very strange and unusual coincidences happen in my life. You may recall that my X's new girlfriend and Friendster Guy (i.e. my boyfriend for you newbies) live four doors down from each other in the same apartment complex.

I'd like to add a couple more things to the list I like to call "Why my life is collapsing in on itself."

1) My best bud and sometimes guest blogger Npapaya is looking around at new apartments. She sent me a description of one she was going to go look at yesterday and lo and behold, it is the apartment that X is moving out of in January to move in with his new girlfriend right down the parking lot from Friendster Guy. I have not yet touched base with Npapaya to see how she liked it so I don't know if worlds are going to officially collide.

2) While talking to FG about the strange inability of my life to expand its horizons, he told me his own anecdote. When he moved here he called the first apartment ad he found (and subsequently rented the space, which, have I mentioned, is just down the way from X's new girlfriend's?) and the landlord turned out to be a friend of his ex-girlfriend that he knew.

Pretty soon my life is going to collapse so far in on itself I'm going to be a black hole.

The one saving grace is that Friendster Guy never dated X's new girlfriend. Thank goodness for small miracles.

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Anonymous said...

You can just start singing "It's a Small World" all the time. That is a lot of colliding.