Friday, November 03, 2006

Practice Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty(ful Dresses)

I'd just like to give a shout out to the random stranger who helped extricate me from a dress I'd somehow zipped myself into but couldn't get out of at JCPenney this evening. Thanks, nice lady, for not making me have to walk too far out into the store in search of assistance. (As it was I had to leave the dressing room braless.

I did end up with a different wonderful dress (that I am able to remove on my own) for the wedding I'm going to tomorrow. I wasn't feeling the love from my current wardrobe and the only thing decent that wasn't screaming at me, "You'll look fat in this!!!" was something I've worn to two or three other weddings already in the last 6 months. Not that there will be anyone there that would have seen me at any of the other events but still, a girl gets a little weary of the same thing every time. Plus it was on sale. And I had seen it a month or so ago but decided against trying it on. This time I did it and I must say, not only will I be looking fabulous, but I won't have to constantly be sucking in my gut. Empire waist baby. Empire waist.


blackdaisies said...

i so hear you about the dresses ~ i've been wearing a variation of the same outfit to the past three weddings i've been to in six months, changing sandals to boots as the seasons change ... empire waist sounds wonderful : )

and yah for random acts of kindness!!

Sheryl - crap-o-rama said...

Gotta love random acts of niceness!