Thursday, November 09, 2006

Watch out for the testosterone

Look out folks, there may be a decidely masculine vibe here at Big Girl Underoos for the next week or so. Friendster Guy has accepted my invitation to be a guest blogger while I am on vacation at the happiest place on earth with my family - he wasn't quite ready to join the 10 or so of us on this particular trip. I can't say I blame him. My family is short, frenetic, and we're going to Disney World. At a silent 6'2", poor FG would think he was in Munchkin Land on ecstasy. Seriously. No one is quite ready for that.

I've got a couple more invitations out there and I'm just waiting to hear back. My only request is that they introduce themselves so everyone knows they aren't me, Sassy Pants.

Friendster Guy says he's going to write about blood and guts, and complain about stuff. Won't that be lovely.

I'm looking forward to seeing how my blog is hijacked.

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