Thursday, December 28, 2006

Can I have some cheese with my whine?

To be read with the most whiny, obnoxious voice you can muster:

"I don't waaaanna work on my thesis!"

"I don't waaaanna be a grown-up!"

"Why can't I just sit on my ass for the next few days and do nothing? Whyyyyyy?"


I have managed to accomplish some things while home on vacation this week (My employer shuts down from Christmas to New Years. God bless 'em!") I updated my license so I am back to my maiden name and my new address. I've gone to the gym a couple of times. I even took my first ever ski lesson. Tonight I'm going bowling - and then to a wake (yippee!). In the intervening hours before I have anything scheduled however I may be stuck in procrastination guilt land. You know that place where you know you have to do something but don't want to but don't really have anything better to be doing so feel guilty not doing anything at all especially the thing you know you're supposed to be doing but aren't. Yeah, I'm there. AND I've run out of season 1 Grey's Anatomy episodes that NPapaya let me borrow. That stuff is like crack. Now that I don't have any of those or Northern Exposure from Netflix I have nothing to bribe myself with. Damn.

I don't waaaanna work on my thesis.

1 comment:

Npapaya said...

sorry! should have left the long-ass season 2 with you as well. Who knew you'd be so productive/addicted?

ok, well i could have guessed but I was off my game. see you in a few days!