Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What a difference a day makes

I started reading a book called the Book of Kehl's last night. It's a memoir by a woman, Christine Kehl O'Hagan, who's brother and son both die from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. What I found interesting, profound, deep...something that I can't find the words for...was that the book starts with an introduction describing her son's last day on earth, May 19, 1998.

This date also happens to be my wedding day. It's therefore one of the few dates I can actually picture in my mind. It's very odd to be reading a play by play of the author's last day with her son in the hospital while I can recall dancing the night away with my friends and family.

It's amazing how different the same day can be to two people.


Queen Geek said...

Wow, that's really something. It puts things into perspective doesn't it? Wow.

christine kehl o'hagan said...

Dear Sassy Pants - Thank you for reading THE BOOK OF KEHLS. It made me feel good to know that the worst day of my life was one of the best days of yours -
Christine Kehl O'Hagan