Saturday, December 09, 2006


At this time of year, besides thinking about all the food we're eating and money we're spending, we also start to think about resolutions - like diets and debt reduction.

To help you keep track of your resolutions, or just your list of things to do with your life, there's a website called 43 Things where you can create a list of 43 things you'd like to do, from the mundane to pie in the sky. Every so often I revisit and update my list. You can also check off what you've done, write entries about your goals, and see who else is working on the same goal.

My Mom is on there (and on Friendster, and she recently joined MySpace - much to my sister's chagrine because now we sort of have to tone down our comments and such.) She has goals ranging from "clean the basement" to "Kiss Johnny Depp." She's got a little bit of a thing for that man. Actually, quite a thing for the man. To the point where she is going to be getting a heck of a lot of Jack Sparrow paraphenalia for Christmas.

Anyway, here are my 43 Things at the moment (my apologies for the formatting, or lack thereof. )

speak spanish fluently
live in a foreign country
write more letters
eat less sugar
lose weight
learn to play guitar
Finish what I start
Take a "one-year off" trip
get a six pack
be happy with my body
Be debt free
volunteer at the animal shelter
Read Harry Potter in Spanish
watch the AFI Top 100 American movies
visit all 50 states
learn to paint
spend more time outdoors
become involved in local theater
make a flourless chocolate cake
practice discardia
Host a dinner party
figure out what i want to be when i grow up
get a dog
read every book I own
Meet and befriend a celebrity
smile at strangers
Challenge myself
Be a lounge singer
go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)
improve my memory
Write a will
Go to trapeze school
Go up in a hot air balloon
finish my thesis
receive a letter from Hogwarts apologizing for the late owl but informing me that i am actually a wizard.
NEVER feel bad for something I cannot control
Spend Wisely and Save Like a Mad Woman
Get rid of one possession every day
learn not to take things personally
be comfortable in lingerie
learn how to draw with pastels
Learn to juggle


tjdygon said...

I have a recipe for a flour cake that is pretty easy to make. i will send you the recipe. It is delicious!!!!

Sock Girl said...

I would love both the balloon ride and the letter from Hogwarts (which made me laugh out loud). Have you given yourself a timeline to do all that stuff?