Monday, December 25, 2006

The Theme for 2007

A lot of people don't do New Years resolutions for whatever reason but in the last few years I've embraced them with wild abandon. (I've also wildly abandoned a few but that's another story.)

I've been blogging recently about the grandiose lists of things I'd like to accomplish - big, small, probable, impossible. Those lists, for the most part, are not to be turned into resolutions. They are way too long and involved for that. However, I have stumbled upon an underlying thread connecting several things I would like to do in 2007.

Since I know you've all been waiting with baited breath for my New Years Resolution theme for 2007, here it is:

Git 'er done

Short. Simple. To the point.

This is not some lofty mission statement that means nothing in the real world. Oh no. I have some honest to goodness projects that I have been carting from place to place both physically and psychically that I need to move on with and, well, git done. Below, in full technicolor, are those projects.

1) My thesis. This is "A # 1" on my list of priorities. I have made significant progress in the last week and hope to continue the trend in the coming days.

2) A mosaic mirror that was supposed to be a gift for someone but will probably end up being mine. 3) Moving a) my mother's childhood home movies from 16mm to DVD, b) my childhood home movies from VHS to DVD/digital.
4) Finishing this random art project where I decoupaged pieces of oragami paper onto a huge canvas like a mosaic.
5) Completing this counted cross stitch that I started in 1994. That's right, 1994. I was 18. I am now 30. It's time.
6) All I need to do to this scrapbook of my trip to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco in 2003 is journal the entries I wrote while I was there. I've even already drawn all the lines to write on.
7) Get these framed before they are destroyed.
8) Sometime in the last 7 years I put together a bunch of these quilt squares. It was going to be a quilt for my sister. Besides the labor, I need to buy some fabric for between the squares and something for the back. I'm thinking fleece. That way I don't need to mess with batting.

9) Pay off my car. This is going to happen no matter what because I only have about 10 payments left. However, I'd like to shorten that span of time. Maybe I should say pay my car off by my birthday in August. That means shortening it by 2 payments. I can do that.

That's it. One of the good things about taking pictures of these projects is that I had to unearth the projects themselves. Just the act of bringing them out into the light of day is a step in the right direction. I even worked on the cross stitch a few times this week already. And it isn't even the New Year. Go me!


Sock Girl said...

Great list! And I love the theme.
Happy Holidays, Sassy Pants!

Jessi said...

Wow, best of luck!