Sunday, December 24, 2006


First, Merry Christmas Eve Day! I'm doing a little blogging before I head off to my sister's house for a family sleep over. And I do mean sleep over - sleeping bags and the whole shebang. Tonight we're going to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner. Should be a good time. Poor Friendster Guy has to work but we'll exchange gifts tomorrow night when he's off and I'm back.

But on to the title of this post - Towel-napping.

I was in the gym on Friday and I decided to go swimming. I brought my towel into the pool area so I could go straight to the showers without having to go back to my locker dripping wet. They discourage such behavior. So there are two indoor pools - one for laps, one for aqua aerobics. I pass the empty aqua aerobics pool and go to the lap pool. There is one other person in the pool and her stuff is on a chair by her lane. I go to the thrid and furthest lane, put my towel on the chair at that lane and begin my swim. I don't know why but I'm mildly paranoid about my towel and someone taking it. Actually, it's not my towel, it's the club's but for the period of time in which it is my possession, it is my towel. So anyway, when the other woman in the pool gets out I double check my towel and it's still there. Cool.

Next, a woman and her early adolescent daughter get into the other pool. At one point, when I'm at the far end of the lap pool with my fogged up goggles I see the girl scurry into the lap pool area and then run really quickly back to the other pool and jump in. I think, "Huh. That's an awful long way to go to jump into the pool. " but then I forget it. UNTIL, I get out of the pool and my towel is gone. Gone! Nowhere to be seen. Now, I don't want to accuse anyone but there is NO ONE else in the pool and I may not be Sherlock Holmes or even Gil Grissom but I sure as hell can add 1 + 1 and get 2 most of the time.

Being that my gym bills itself (and its members...$$$) as a high quality gym, dayspa and tennis center, and it is located in an area where people actually walk back to the entrance of the grocery store to return their carts, theft and inconsideration is low on the list of problems. Now, I can understand how one white towel looks like all the other white towels but mine was so obviously mine it's not even funny.

Having discovered the towel missing I walked away from my pool and had to walk past the other where the mother and daughter were still swimming. Although I wanted to, I didn't say, "Give me my towel you teenage creatin." I said, "Did either of you see someone come in and take my towel?" Instead of saying, "My goodness, someone took your towel!?," the mother said, "Our towels are over there." If this were CSI that would be as good as a confession to the crime. Her daughter averted her eyes.

I didn't let them off easy. I got into the hot tub on the other side of their pool and stewed (quite literally) for awhile, every so often making eye contact with the girl. I wouldn't have been so annoyed if there were towels in the pool area or locker room, but no, they give you your towel when you walk in the door by the main entrance. I don't know about you, but I sure wasn't looking forward to walking my soggy ass out of the locker room, up the stairs and into the main area of the club. Nosiree.

Luckily, when I went into the locker room there were several new towels just sitting on a bench. I asked the woman closest to them if they were hers and then I took one. Multiple towels on a bench surrounded by lockers in which to put them are fair game. One lone towel by the lane in which someone is actually swimming is not. Grrr!!! If I had remembered I would have gone up to the front desk, gotten another towel and replaced the one I took - just in case. But I was still so annoyed that I didn't.

I hope she gets coal for Christmas the little thief.

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