Monday, December 11, 2006

Tower of Babble

I am currently editing the interview I did with my mother for my thesis (an oral history of our home town) and oh my f'ing god I want to tell her interview to put an f'ing cork in it. Apparently I either have PMS or I'm not really that interested in working on my thesis because I'm being annoyed to death. It feels like 11 pages of asinine information. It's not really - although it sort of is - because now that I have some sort of clue how my thesis is going to unfold I'm realizing how much of her interview I'm not going to be using. I also discovered that the interviews I edited earlier aren't as crisp and formatted as the more recent ones so I have to go back through and edit them a little again before I get to my next step which is taking all the pieces and parts from all the interviews and grouping them together to tell a story. I don't feel like I can do that until I've labeled sections in each interview since otherwise I'll be scrolling through 200 pages of babbling to find that one clip I can't seem to find. (And speaking of babbling...) I'm a little annoyed right now. I'm going to go have a piece of that flowerless chocolate cake. Maybe I can regroup in a half an hour.

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