Monday, December 18, 2006

We now interupt your regularly scheduled programming...

I figure I'll take a break from providing you with the highest quality holiday programming to chit chat about my life a little. After all, that's sort of what a blog is for. At least this one.

I had a busy weekend. I cooked lunch for my Dad and stepmother on Saturday. My niece and my sister were supposed to come too but poor Elbow (that's what I call my niece) didn't come because she has pink eye. Then Friendster Guy and I went to LLBean to buy my Christmas presents (a coat, mittens, and long underwear). Between that stuff and the ski pants I got from my Dad I should be all outfitted to learn how to ski - or at least sit in the lodge in style sweating my ass off.

You don't know this about me but in addition to being a fabulous college administrator, an awesome abs class instructor, a procrastinating thesis writer and a prolific blogger, I am also what can be defined as a professional organizer. If you've ever seen Clean Sweep or Mission: Organization, that's what I do. Only on a smaller scale with no cameras, carpenters or other people helping behind the scenes. Because I've been so busy with other stuff, I haven't had any clients in about a year and a half and, truthfully, I've only had about 5 clients - several who were people I already knew and who were actually helping me out so I could learn how to do this. One of them, the only "real" client I ever had, emailed me a week or so ago and asked for help organizing her study/office so I said "What the heck? I could use a little pocket money."

I went over to her place Sunday and we spent over 5 hours going through all the piles, drawers, boxes and shelves. She'd just moved so things had been taken out and put away willy nilly and there were several boxes left to unpack that she didn't know what was in half of. We grouped like with like and sorted every single thing. We didn't tackle the files specifically but if we found random pieces of paper we tried to either create a file or put it in the to be filed pile. Luckily she has lots of space to put all her stuff, she just needed the impetus to get started. I left her with the next step of sorting the files she did have into categories - at least home vs. work but also maybe home - reference, home - finances, work - projects, work - reference, etc... After that, I suggested she sort the files in those categories by alphabetical order. ABC is the easiest way to go. She's already asked if I can come back and help her with some other projects. At the rate I charge, you betcha! And tell your friends.

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