Friday, January 19, 2007

Don't bug me, I'm womt

I coined a new word yesterday: Womt. It rhymes with "swamped" and means just about the same thing only the literal translation is "Working On My Thesis."

I took the day off today to help fend off a nervous breakdown and potentially any sort of illness that might creep in while I'm stressed. I needed to make some headway on my thesis and I think I did. I also allowed myself to sleep late because I am just feeling dog tired. I needed a break and I needed to move forward. Working full time as essentially a writer of reports and then trying to crank out a thesis (aka a report) which is exactly what you've been doing all day already is not easy. Add wanting to go to the gym, spend time with friends and family, eating, and getting things like your laundry done and you're heading for a bad place. Hence my mental health day.

I'm getting the heck off the computer now. I accomplished most of what I wanted to today and will start fresh tomorrow. Sigh...

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