Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

So I'm a day late. Whatever. I was busy. Sort of. I was alternately working on my thesis and sitting on my duff. Despite the many hours of doing very little I had a breakthrough and finished one of the steps of my thesis. Here's a breakdown of the steps I've completed and still have to do. (Reminder - my thesis is an oral history of the town I grew up in.)

1) Perform interviews (about 19)- DONE
2) Transcribe interviews - DONE
3) Edit interviews so that when someone speaks about school (or some other subject), all the times they speak about that subject are together. Also edit to make it sound good. - DONE
4) Print out all interviews, literally cut them apart, sort the pieces by topic, and put them in folders - DONE
5)Go through each folder and determine how the pieces fit together to tell a story on that subject - DONE
6) Take the now sorted pieces and make them into a Word document by cutting and pasting those pieces from the various interviews - STARTED YESTERDAY
7) Once all the subjects are made into documents, determine how they go together to tell the big story, i.e. the thesis.
8)Write an anotated bibliography
9) Send the thesis piece by piece to my thesis advisor to edit.
10) Fill in the gaps with my own words and observations.
11) Write an intro.
12) Write my interviewees mini-bios.
13) Fix whatever my thesis advisor wants fixed.
14) Edit
15) Edit
16) Edit
17) Make sure my format jives with that of the thesis office.
18) Get signed off on my final version.
19) Turn it in.
20) Figure out if I actually want to walk in graduation.
21) Rejoice and bask in the rapture of being done.

That's it.
Actually, in the grand scheme of things, steps 6-21 won't be as hard as 1-5. At least I'll have a chunk of information to work with and can sort of see the final product. I'm in the home stretch people. The home stretch.

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