Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm Pro-Choice and I Vote

If you catch your child playing with matches is it more helpful in the long run to say "No!" and hide them, or is it more helpful to explain to your child the pros and cons of matches, the appropriate use, and the dangers and consequences? I'm pretty sure that any child psychologist worth a damn would say that educating that child is the right way to go. Not only will they be armed with the knowledge to make the right decisions about match use, but if they see one of their peers acting stupid with the matches they may have the confidence to stop that action.
Why is it so hard for some people to make the leap from that type of education to sex education? Human nature makes those matches much more appealing when they are hidden and forbidden. Education helps the matches lose their allure, or at least makes the child think twice before, literally, playing with fire.
I am pro-choice. I am pro-education. I am pro-providing information so that a person can make an educated choice and understand all their options. Would it be better if no one had to have an abortion? Yes. Would it be better if no one was allowed to have an abortion? Absolutely not. We've already seen the results.
Abortion doesn't just happen. Pregnancy happens. Pregnancy happens for many reasons - accidents (despite the best intentions), misinformation, ignorance, force, stupidity, or on purpose. It can be a happy occasion or it can be the straw that breaks the camels back. There will always be accidents but there doesn't have to ignorance.
Let's make sure every child is a wanted child. And that that child is then educated to continue that happy trend.

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