Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Like I don't have enough to do.

This is an interesting activity. This Guy decided to do the following:

I turned 40 on January 12th, 2006, and I wanted to mark the occasion in some positive fashion. So I got this crazy idea: I know! I'll write 40 words (no more, no less) every day for a year, and each day I'll write about a different person (in no particular order--in fact, in a shuffled order) who touched my life in some way. But not just anyone, it's got to be someone I've actually met in person, someone whose name I still remember, and someone who was interesting.

Try this: make a list of 365 people whose names you remember and who were interesting to you. Even if you don't want to write 40 about each, at least try making the list. And then, if you can, write down a few words about each of them before they're gone from your memory. If you can't do this, it might be wise to spend the next 365 days meeting more people in person who are interesting to you. Learn their names.

If you decide to embark on this or a similar project, please let me know, I'd love to follow along with yours. Yes, that's a challenge.
My email address is your favorite word, whatever that may be, at logolalia dot com. Really.

My only problem is that I blog anonymously so putting other people's names out there probably isn't a good idea. And 365 nicknames might be a little crazy. But I may just make that list off-line. I think it could be a good exercise.

Thanks Jessi for the link. She's doing it too.


Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Oh my gosh...that seems like a huge undertaking. I don't honestly think I remember that many people that are interesting to me.

Sassy Pants said...

I've been going through my childhood in NH, junior high and high school in MA, college in PA, grad school/first full time job in TX, and my life her in NH. I've come up with 222 so far. I need to go through elementary school and middle school now.

Sassy Pants said...

I'll probably look through some yearbooks, my MySpace/Friendster accounts, and my address book for more. I don't know if they are interesting but it's an interesting exercise. It's making my Christmas card list (not that I have one) a lot longer. What will also be interesting (I need a new word) will be to see how many I have contact info for. It might be fun (?) to send them their blurb and tell them what I'm doing. Hmmm...

Except of course the ones I don't like.

Mica Tucker said...

At least you can write on your blog about your blog friends. I just went through my grade school year books. It's all too embarassing! ~ Cheers