Monday, January 08, 2007

Man oh Man and Wife Part II

Read my last post first before you read this.

Ok, welcome back.

Since I was informed that my acceptance to be a bridesmaid for a fairly non-friend indicates that I may have lost the sass in Sassy Pants, I feel the need to clarify. At least a little. I didn't really have a lot of time before I said yes, but now that I have thought about it, I'm glad I did. Although I do not think I'm really that close to this woman, her family has been a large part of youth. It's all very complicated and intertwined. Ergo, pretty much status quo when it comes to my life.

For starters, I interviewed her and her entire family (mother, father, sister, 3 grandparents, AND fiance's parents) for my thesis. That means 8 out of the 19 interviews I did were her relatives.

Second, her mother and my mother are best friends, except for the fact that they live 4 hours apart and never see each other.

Third, her parents are my sister's god parents. Their other daughter is my sister's age and they were best friends when they were very small and then ended up going to college together and living in the same dorm.

Lastly, my step-mother was also really good friends with her mother for a time. They had a falling out at some point so aren't any more. This woman's family lives on the street where I lived as a child until my parents got divorced*, and then later on my father moved back to that street with my step-mother**, up only two houses from my childhood home, and lived there while I was in high school and college. I didn't visit often but enough to sort of keep up with them.

So I guess I'm not really doing it for her, I'm doing it for our families.

* In case this isn't confusing enough, when my parents were divorcing and selling their house, my stepmother came to look at it with her then 1st husband.

**Between my father living on the same street twice with two different women*** and my boyfriend living in the same apartment complex with my X and his new girlfriend, my whole life is just one giant vortex circling in on itself.

***My father is a serious creature of habit. This is the man who not only got married both times in the same church (My Mom's church, not his. It's Lutheran, he's recovering Catholic) but also honeymooned at the same Inn in Vermont. Like there aren't 3 bazillion Inns in Vermont to choose from.

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Justin M said...

Your cousin's sister's aunt's brother's dog's pet is just another fun day at the beach! It's not that complicated when you put everything into perspective! :)

See, you put it in perspective from everyone posing for a family picture, then writing everyone's thoughts at once. But, if you just concentrate on what ONE person (at a time) sees, then it is very clear! :)

Cake... maybe chocolate cake. :)