Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Return to Sender

Good: Soldiers retiring and being allowed to go home.

Bad: The government sending 5,100 recently retired soldiers recruitment letters.

Worse: The government sending 275 of those letters to families of soldiers killed in action.*

I'll admit, I have sent letters to dead people. But I work for a college and family members don't always think to call their loved one's alma mater to update their records so it's an honest mistake. In this case, however, whoever sent that mailing is working for the institution that actually caused the people to be dead in the first place and should therefore have a pretty good idea of their status, or at least access to that information.

I do feel bad for the poor shmoe who gets the blame for this though. I know first hand that your intentions are only as good as the information you are given. Still though, good grief.

* Source = Time magazine.

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