Friday, February 09, 2007

Blondes don't always have more fun.

I literally gasped when I saw the headline, "Anna Nicole Smith dies at 39."

This poor woman. If I were a psychiatrist I'm sure I'd have something to say about her desperate need for attention. I'm quite certain she didn't always get the type of attention she was looking for.

She was a caricature. But a host of caricatures America loves to both admire and vilify. First, Marilyn Monroe (who was herself a caricature and also a tragic victim of America's need for entertainment.) Then, blonde bimbo who makes good by marrying a billionaire. To money grubbing home wrecker. To reality show personality. To full blown, only in America, over the top nutjob diet pill popping, tragically son losing, custody/paternity battling cartoon character.

And now she's gone. No one deserves to die alone yet surrounded by people. I hope she had at least some moments of non-drug induced happiness. And that she can finally rest in peace.

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Shell said...

I know. It's so sad. That bastard Stern is already grubbing too.