Friday, February 16, 2007

It's just like driving in good weather, only you have to be MORE careful.

Apparently, when it snows, people forget how to drive. I think they might be assuming that the big fluffy piles of white stuff lining the road are bumpers so it's ok to drive like an a'hole. "Look Ma, no hands! It's ok though. I got stuff to bounce off of."

In the first minute of my commute I encountered several such idiots. Including one who was trying to pass a line of 5 dump trucks, and an industrial snow blower/plow thing that was hoovering the "bumpers." We were all trapped behind them and probably not happy about it but what are you gonna do? Well, this dumbass pulled into the opposite lane, in a school zone, on a curve, and somehow thought he was going to make it around the vehicle parade. When another dumptruck came down the road toward him I had to laugh because Mr. "I'm so impatient" had to pull onto the front lawn of the school, still facing the wrong direction. The scary thing is, I was about to take a left hand turn into the school parking lot in order to turn around. I certainly wouldn't have been looking for someone to be coming from the wrong direction in the other lane.

Luckily, I did manage to make it in to work on time and intact. Happy Friday.

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