Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Maybe I'm old fashioned?

Call me old fashioned, hell, call me crazy, but wouldn't you want at least an engagement ring, and preferably a wedding ring and some paper work, before you'd plop down nine grand on a vasectomy reversal surgery for your boyfriend of seven months?

Nine Grand.

Nine. Thousand. Dollars.

To reverse a procedure on someone who could fairly easily take the newly freed DNA you are probably hoping to use for yourself and utilize it elsewhere.

Well, that's what my X's girlfriend just did for him.

Good lord.

That's one hell of a Valentine's Day present.

Is it wrong that I'm mildly amused that she ended up paying $9,000 to fix something that I (sort of) "broke" in the first place (but was covered by insurance)?

I used to be such a nice person.


DecemberFlower said...


That's really all I can manage to say.

Shell said...

That's actually kind of hilarious. I smell a Judge Judy case in the works.

"He got his reversal! She got the bill! On the next...Judge Judy..."

Vanessa said...

*snorts* Well, depending on the reasons on why he's now your ex, I probably wouldn't pay for the reversal myself anyways. If he wants kids, he can have it reversed and pay for it because *he* wants it. I'd probably want a sperm donor. Might be wiser in the long run LOL