Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Oh happy day!

Last week, I was all about escaping my life and going to a tropical island. This week is no different except that I am no longer growling and snarling at people because of PMS (or wishing to crush their throats Darth Vader style).

So yesterday I asked my mother, who is the queen of cruises, about where I should go and if she knew of any good deals. She loves cruises. Any excuse she can find to go on one she takes. Therefore, her response was to offer to be my cruise companion. This may sound not fun but since she is the queen of cruises I wouldn't have to do any thinking about shore exursions or which seating we want for dinner - things cruise virgins don't know about until they get there. Since my goal is to not think, that works out perfectly. Plus, my mom is fun. She wants to go parasailing!

THEN, when I told her I was doing it to celebrate handing in the final draft of my thesis to my readers (and to save my sanity), she decided she'd pay for the cruise as a graduation present! All I have to come up with is airfare. Whoo hoo! She calls me an hour later and tells me it's booked!

THEN, she calls me and says my step-father donated his frequent flier miles to our cause and that got us each free flights! And they too are booked!

Not only did I get a free cruise and flights (whoohoo!), but I had to do nothing but tell my mom when and what cruise and voila, it is done! She's like a genie that mom of mine. A tiny little cruise genie. She f'ing rocks.

THEN, I finish my taxes and discover I am getting an awesome refund - enough to pay off my car by the time I finally get the refund!


I kept randomly clapping with glee all evening. People looked at me a little funny at the gym when I kept dropping the weights (Just kidding. Sort of).

Tuesday, February 6, 2007 is going to go down in the record books as a good day. A very, very good day.

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