Wednesday, February 21, 2007

You may need a flow chart.

You know the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Game? We're going to play the Zero Degrees of Sassy Pants Game. Trust me, there is no separation.

The Players:

  • Sassy Pants - Blogger extraordinaire, or maybe just ordinaire, but blogger nonetheless.
  • Friendster Guy - Sassy's boyfriend extraordinaire
  • The X - Sassy's X husband
  • X's Girlfriend - self explanatory
  • Dr. R - Sassy and X's good friend from college (in Pennsylvania)
  • Mrs. Dr. R. (aka Dr. G's sister) - self-explanatory, sort of
  • Dr. G - Another good friend of Sassy and X from college

The Game (try to follow along, it's not easy):
  • Dr. R and Dr. G were roommates in college.
  • Dr. R is now married to Dr. G's sister (aka Mrs. Dr. R).
  • Dr. R and Mrs. Dr. R moved to New Hampshire a year ago. Dr. R now works for the hospital affiliated with the college where X and Sassy Pants are employed.
  • Dr. R introduced X to X's girlfriend.
  • X moved in with X's girlfriend who just happened to live in the same apartment complex as Friendster Guy. (It makes the "walk of shame" that much more interesting when you have to wave at your X driving by.)
  • In June, X and X's girlfriend will be moving to Vermont where X's girlfriend will be doing a fellowship at a hospital.
  • In June, Dr. G and his wife also just happen to be moving to Vermont where Dr. G will enter a fellowship at the same hospital.

If you followed all that, in June, Sassy, Friendster Guy, Dr. R and Dr. R's wife (aka Dr. G's sister) will be living in a cluster in NH, while the X, X's girlfriend, Dr. G and his wife will be living in a cluster in Vermont. The exes and the in-laws are equally divided among the locales. Even if I wanted to get rid of the X I can't because I'm such good friends with Dr. R and Dr. G that if we have some sort of get together everyone will be there. Sigh...

See! Zero degrees of separation!


pagalina said...

That's SASSY degrees of separation!

Justin M said...

I feel gray matter seeping from my ears and tear ducts... I had to read that at least 3 times... I am still a little queasy.