Monday, March 19, 2007

If we ignore it, maybe it will go away?

My family is full of people who do not tell each other that they, or someone they know about who is also in the family, is very sick. This phenomenon occurs on both my father's and my mother's side of the family.

For example, my grandmother was going in to the hospital for quadruple bypass surgery (in Florida) and didn't tell my mother (in Massachusetts), who happens to be her only child, until the day beforehand. My Mom was all, "WTF? I would have flown down and made sure everything was ok and stayed with you and stuff." I believe she did make it down but it was a flurry of activity instead of planned.

My mom learned nothing from this experience. Just a couple weeks ago she didn't tell us, her children, that she was having heart palpatations and was wearing a monitor, until she no longer had the monitor. She lives alone. Mayhaps it would be a good idea to let someone know?

On my father's side they are no better. Apparently, my grandfather almost died from pneumonia on Friday the 9th. I did not hear that he was even in the hospital until at least Thursday the 15th. And I hear it from my sister who just happened to talk to my Dad on some other day. My parents have email. We all have cell phones. And it's not even the first time I've gotten the "Papa's in the hospital" time delay.

Sigh...These people! I don't know why we seem to have this time honored tradition of don't ask, don't tell bullshit but it's annoying. I'm sure it stems from some strange, "I don't want to burden you with my problems" gobbledeegook, but it's still stupid. You burden me with all sort of other crap, what's one more thing?

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