Friday, March 02, 2007

Son of a #$@!%

I emailed my third reader on my thesis to remind him that he is a reader (it's been awhile since he agreed to it) and to warn him that I'm sending him my thesis. I sent it to his college email address a few weeks ago but then found out he doesn't check it so I got another email address for him from my program's office.

The reponse?

"I am leaving on 1 April for two months in Berlin where I am going to be the subject of certain medical experiments which will make it impossible for me to read manuscripts. So if I can't do it before I go, it'll have to wait till about June 15 or so."

Um. It needs to be signed off on and turned in to the thesis office by May 15th in order for me to graduate.

So. Uh. Yeah.

I'm not panicking. I can conceivably give him an unillustrated version of my thesis by next week. I will also include an official version of the approval form for him to sign. If he doesn't sign it, I will travel to Germany and do some other kinds of medical experiments on him.


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