Thursday, March 08, 2007

Too good to be true?

Last night I met with my thesis advisors. After some confusion on both our parts (mostly due to my disbelief), they both say that if I fix the last few things they have for me - a comma here, a rephrase there - I can print it out and have them sign it.

That's right. It's essentially done. Finito. Kaput.

I still need to insert a bunch of pictures, but besides a couple of hours being frustrated at Word for being a pain in the ass in that regard, I have very little left to do.


So now I have a goal. That goal is to get all the images into my thesis, fix all the things that my advisors tell me, and have it printed and signed by next Thursday - the day before I leave on my 3 day cruise. Can you even imagine how relaxed I'll feel? I don't even think I can. But I have a feeling it's going to look something like this.


Update: I knew it was too good to be true. My main advisor believes that a couple of the later chapters still need some work. I don't know why she said it was mostly done if she hadn't yet read the last 4 chapters. So, anyway, not quite done. Although theoretically I may still reach my goal by next Thursday if I work really hard. And my third reader has signed off on it so I'm still moving forward.

Update 2: Although, in the grand scheme of things, the corrections and changes I have gotten from my advisor today (now that she has actually read the second half of my thesis) are not over the top, the whole "You're done!" thing she did really knocked the productivity wind out of me. It's hard to go back to the thesis now and take it seriously. Just 24 short hours ago it was "done". And now? Now, I have to rework the entire last chapter, do a small interview to get something to fill in the gaps my advisor now sees, and who knows what else. If there are any advisors out there, do not tell your advisees they are done until you are literally signing the end result.

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