Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Careful, your search is showing

The following search strings led people to this blog over the past week:

  1. girl vomit (Is this different from boy vomit? Maybe the searcher was trying to find out.)
  2. sex for dummies ( This one led multiple people here, or the same person multiple times. Sorry searchers, I'm pretty sure I don't provide any pointers here. I'd be willing to take some though.)
  3. sexy outtie belly button (mine happens to be an innie, but sexy nonetheless)
  4. boy in wet underoos (I'm fairly certain we don't want to know.)
  5. schoolboy fantasies of my aunt's buttocks (This is my personal favorite. Mostly because of the word "buttocks," and how proper it appears to be while being naughty nonetheless.)

Welcome perverts and random strangers. Bask in all that is Big Girl Underoos. I hope you find, if not what you are looking for, then something else you may need or that brings you joy. And if you keep looking for "boys in wet underoos," may the proper authorities find you first.

1 comment:

DecemberFlower said...

Aww, you get all the fun searches. Mine are all for some variant of "Bobby Flay is an asshole."