Thursday, April 05, 2007

The stars are aligning

I am in the process of making some interesting and exciting decisions about things in my life. Some of these decisions require spending money. Not a lot, but more than I really have budgeted for at the moment.

If I was having second thoughts about these decisions, and was trying to get out of moving forward on them, I'd have to say the universe was conspiring against me. Why? Because just yesterday, almost at the same time as I was tallying up my expenses and thinking, "Gosh, I'll be spending a lot of money. This could be tough," I got emails from two different people I know offering me money. Or at least side jobs I can do for money, effectively paying for a chunk of what I need to pay for. Making it that much more easy to move forward with what I intend to do.

Given this coincidence, I think I'm supposed to do this. I'll let you know what the "this" is when I feel more comfortable with it. And no, I am not going to have a baby (never!) or get married. Let's just say it has more to do with my career than anything else.

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