Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Apparently, I am not the only one to have experienced the IUD insertion from hell. My long time friend, Jennifer, (I've known this lady since we were 16 or so, a whole half lifetime ago) also lived to tell the tale of the IUD. And she's singing it's praises.

I'm not yet singing, but I'm doing some warm up excercises. Mi mi mi mi mi... Although the insertion itself was really, really, really unpleasant (I'd advise anyone going to get one to have a designated driver), the Mirena IUD itself has been a good thing so far. I don't have to think about it, I only had spotting for a couple days, and despite the fact that I was supposed to have my period the day of the insertion, it never came. I dried up like the Sahara (more on that in a moment). I still have a few more weeks before I get my next scheduled period so I don't know yet what to expect. I'm hoping to be one of the 20% of women who stop getting their period altogether on Mirena. Fingers crossed.

Speaking of the Sahara, something I was hoping would happen when I replaced the Nuvaring I was on before was an increase in, er, lubrication. I didn't take notes or anything, but I think that ever since I started using the Nuvaring there was a little less moisture production during moments when moisture production would be a good thing. I suppose a ring full of hormones that close to the organs and tissue involved can't help but change things. I never read that decreased lubrication was a side effect of the Nuvaring but maybe for other women it is not. Maybe because they can now throw caution to the wind they are ready and rarin' to go. Not so in my case. Now, however, I can report that, in the last few weeks, moisture has not been a problem. And as Martha Stewart would say, "It's a good thing."

Men have no idea how good they have it that they don't have to think about stuff like this. I will report that, when I told Friendster Guy how much the procedure hurt, he looked like he wanted to go over to my OB/Gyn's office and bash some heads, or at least harshly berate them for not using more painkillers. My hero. : )

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