Monday, April 09, 2007

What do you get when you mix ESP with PMS?

You know that feeling where you just know you are forgetting something?

About 15 minutes before I left for work this morning, I got that feeling. It was intermingled with a good dose of unfounded anxiety and annoyance so that the result was I felt angry for no reason at something unknown.

I left my apartment still feeling off, but not being able to figure out what it was. I don't have any meetings today. No impending deadlines. I wasn't feeling pissed about having to go to work (although that would have accounted for the annoyance if I were).

I think it was a self-fulfilling prophesy because when I got to work, I realized that, despite feeling like I was forgetting something and therefore being careful when I gathered all my things together, I'd forgotten my purse at home. That doesn't really throw my world off kilter too horribly, but it does mean my cell phone is at home, as well as my little USB memory thingy that my thesis is on. Since I wanted to print out my thesis today (Despite everything, I somehow managed to remember to bring the bond paper with me), that's annoying, and aggravating. I may take a ride home at lunch to get it. It will be a pain, but I really want to cross this thesis off my To Do list.

I hope there isn't another shoe somewhere waiting to drop. If anyone I know had something bad happen to them at 6:50 this morning when I got this feeling, it may freak me out a little. I'm ok with forgetting a purse, but having premonitions about bad things happening...not so much. And since I don't have my cell phone, I won't hear about it until after work. Yup, I'm totally going home at lunchtime.

P.S. "I have a falcetto child?" Is from Overboard with Goldie Hahn.


Anonymous said...

did you leave your iron plugged in?

Sassy Pants said...

Given that part of my annoyance this morning was the wrinkly state of my pants coupled with the lack of time I had to iron and/or choose a different outfit, the answer to that question would be no. In fact, my iron is probably fairly dusty. Of all the things I chose to do with me life, ironing is not one of them. So, I guess I'm safe from the house burning down.