Thursday, May 31, 2007

Coming out of the broom closet

Everyone, grab your favorite Muggle and get ready to hop on your Nimbus 2000, touch a port key, use your floo powder, or wingardium leviosa yourself to Orlando in 2010! Why? Universal Studios Islands of Adventure is opening a Harry Potter "Island."

As Ron would say, "Wicked!"

I couldn't be more excited if they were to hold the Triwizard Tournament on the campus where I work. Ok, maybe I'd be a little excited if that were to happen, but it's not likely so this is the next best thing.

Obviously, I have been hiding my Harry Potter mania from you all. Interestingly enough, I heard the news from my Mom who is right now running out to Diagon Alley to outfit herself in the latest witchy wear. She's already got the cat. Seriously, you have no idea how much my mother would love to find a letter from Hogwart's in the mail apologizing for the late notice but she's been accepted. I have to admit, I'd think it was pretty cool myself. (And, uh, yeah, I already have the scarf. What? Kiss my quaffle, mudblood*.)

For those of you who didn't follow any of this post and think I am speaking in a different language, get thee to a library, or the nearest breathing person, and borrow the books.

* I'm so entrenched in the world of Harry Potter that I feel I should apologize for using this term.


Npapaya said...

even cooler is that the local bookstore has a sign detailing exactly how many pages you've read so far if you've completed all 6 books thus far--and how many pages are in book 7...i forget the number unfortunately but I think it was over 3,000

DecemberFlower said...

"Kiss my quaffle." I love it. :D

Sock Girl said...

I have the scarf too!! (Ok... really my kids have the scarf but it sort of went missing on them... shhhh....)